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About Admissions Office

Admissions office is not just doing its functions but giving students / customers the best service. For the team, it is not only information dissemination but putting heart into it, is an additional spice for keeping them satisfied. Here are some students who testified to what they had encountered during their first step in FEATI University:

Testimonies of Students:

“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push”

Words of optimism and hope: “You can do it” when things are tough. That's what I experienced in FEATI University particularly in the ADMISSIONS OFFICE. They are service-oriented and they welcome transferees like me with sincerity.

Richielda Giselle V. Alba
BS Chem Eng'g , Transferee


“Judge... FEATI University”

I am very nervous and shy when I first came to FEATI University. I thought: “This is it. I’m now entering college life”. But when the people of Admissions Office assisted me, I felt comfortable so I did well on my entrance exam. I am thankful because this university gave me an opportunity to study here with no tuition fee. It means they granted scholarship to many underprivileged but deserving students to help them experienced quality education just like what I received. Now I am proud to say that I am a FEATINIAN. For me, FEATI means something like this..

F – eatinians are
E – xcellent in academic performance so they can
A – chieve their goals and they possess
T – alents to share with others and commit
I – ntegrity in their lives as students

This is FEATI, the university that really prepares you for a global future. I tell you the truth when I say that a lot of opportunities await you here.

Christian Abe P. Chico
BSBA, 1st year
Caritas Scholar

I quite remember how my first visit here at FEATI. It was a summer afternoon when I entered this university's Helios gate and then proceed to the Admissions Office. This office showed me how interesting and challenging my freshmen days would be. Someone who I called “Kuya Jayson” was the one assisted me, tirelessly attending to my needs regarding the enrollment.

Then after sometime I've learned that other than him, there are still people in the Admissions that I can consider as “gems”. I can say this because of their unique talents in coping-up with people from different walks of live and their milky-way like amount of patience. Then there was “Kuya PJ” who, instead of becoming annoyed with my naughtiness, gave me some tips on college life rather. And there was Ma'am Ailene Sarmiento who, I think still has the right to be addressed as a “gorgeous miss” rather than “Missis”. She really solidly and undeniably sticks to the rules and regulations being implemented but she's kind and accommodating. Of course there was also Kuya Noel who was always there, very disciplined, was guiding and talking with us on whatever information we want know. Because of the four people I mentioned, I'm not the same childish Dave anymore – the one who runs to his father or mother during start-of-the-class. I'm now the Dave who isn't afraid of venturing into the endless boundaries of FEATI. For I thought that if that is what it meant to be a FEATINIAN man, then my stay here would be enjoyable, worthy, and one of the best.

Perhaps, if I will ever succeed in my career and will able to raise a family, then I will not hesitate to bring my future son in your school, for the people at the Admissions Office speak strictly but with a tone of concern. They speak not just by their mouth, but moreover, they speak with their hearts.

Dave Edward Jandusay
BS AE, 1st Year
Don Salvador Scholar

I can say that the Admissions Office is one of the assets of FEATI University. It is because of their fast, reliable and innovative service. In addition, the Admissions personnel are very kind, approachable and presentable to talk with. They can help you in different matters like FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), giving information about the university, regarding teachers, scholarship grants and records. If you have doubts of what I am saying just drop a visit to the Admissions Office for you to prove it yourself.

Armand Magnifico
BS MT, 1st Year
Don Salvador Scholar

The Admissions Office of FEATI University is truly different from other universities. I can say this because of the responsible, reliable, sincere, and active admissions staff. I can prove this because during the first time I came here and inquired about the university, they treated me like family or like a FEATINIAN and not as just an ordinary visitor. They focused on their work to fulfill their duties and provide the quality service which they believe is very important to meet the needs of students/customers.

Ryan Bañes
BS MT, 1st Year
Don Salvador Scholar

What perks could a senior transferee student have? It's being able to compare your new school from your previous one... by comparing them you'll soon be able to see the shortcomings of both schools. Fortunately, I came to FEATI University and made the right decision because this institution has no shortcomings that I‘ve experienced. Unfortunately, I had to waste almost 6 years of my college life to find that out.

BS Aeronautical Engineering

Hello everybody! I'm Princess Joane Duay and you can call me Peejay. I want to ask you this, “What made you decide to choose study here in FEATI University?” For me, it's very far from where I reside. I've been to so many schools which I passed their entrance exams. But why FEATI U? When I first went to this school, I was pointed to the ADMISSIONS OFFICE for more information and inquiries on how to enroll.
“Wow, this is cool, the people were very nice, jolly and very friendly! It's not like what I though, the people were young unlike the staff in other schools. You were very welcome. I think I was persuaded by the way they treated me. And believe me that's one of the reasons why I enrolled here in FEATI University.

When you enter the Admissions Office, the people there will greet you with a big smile on their faces. They were very cool! I love them and I think you'll feel the same way too. Even if they were already tired and somebody will ask a question to the point of being “makulit” like me, they still have the smile. Isn't it amazing to have that kind of people? They will entertain people one by one, answer all your questions and they will not take you for granted...Admissions Team, you Rock! It's really true that “First impressions last”, keep up the good work!

Princess Joanne Duay
2nd year BSBA Student

Admissions Office: “The Counselor in FEATI”

I experienced that they are always ready to help students in anything and everything you want to know about. The people in this department are very kind, true, helpful, nice and friendly... I'm grateful for the way they assisted me during my first time here in the university. Keep up the good work!

Juvie M. Ilagan
BS Ed – 1st Year

For the Admissions Office

As an alumnus I am please to know that there is an Admissions Office, unlike before the University had minimal means of communicating with the student applicants like in my case when I first entered FEATI University. Well, there is an exam and after that I did not even comeback to the admission. When I became a graduating student, the Admissions Office evolved with the new set of entrance exams given and the massive marketing campaigns were done well. I am impressed with the marketing strategies and the increased motivation that they now have, but this will not be possible without Ms. Ailene. She is a type of Admissions Officer that is very approachable, always smiling and you can say anything to her even though you are “HOT as a POT” due to some pressures that you are experiencing she will definitely cool you down. If you are looking for attention, the office of Ms. Ailene is very much open and you can go directly to her and talk about your problems and I guarantee she will be able to give you the right advice on how to solve it. Plus the Admissions Office also plays a very big role in guiding the students on what course that your heart really wants and not what they want for you, in short Admissions Office will bring out the best in you and that is what FEATI is!!!

Mr. Gerard Paguibitan
Civil Engineering Faculty

When I first came at FEATI University, I was amazed at the Admissions Office's hospitality. I never realized getting information was that easy because of the help of the admissions staff. I hope they will never cease to help in promoting the university. With the admissions staff, I believe our university will regain its fame.

Gerry Wee Salazar
Don Salvador Scholar

If you'll ask me about the FEATI Admissions Office ... Uhm??...Let me think...???...All I can say is, they are all nice and trained to handle different personalities. They are friendly and you will see big smiles on their faces saying, “Good morning Sir. (or Ma'am) Welcome to FEATI Admissions Office, how can I help you?”...You would feel their warm welcome when you enter FEATI University!!!

And because of their attitude I decided to take the exam and study here at FEATI University... And I bet you'll do the same like I did if you visit our school....Why? Because of their beautiful smile..., just to see their face and making it as a habit. Just like me bro!!! So come on! Open your door and get ready to be a FEATINIAN!!!